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We got so much debt we gonna owe heaven and hell. You ain’t get to hitch a ride outta here without me.
— Uly from Scapegoat

Full-Length Drama, No Intermission
2M, 2W

Inspired by true events this drama explores one of the worst massacres in United States History.

Part One: It's the Red Summer of 1919 in Elaine, Arkansas where cotton is king and Jim Crow rules with an iron fist. Effie and Virgil are part of a community of black sharecroppers who are attempting to organize themselves to get equal pay for equal work. When Virgil's bitter counterpart, Uly, finds out about the union and their upcoming meeting, he lets the white sharecroppers in the town know about it. Determined to put an end to their ongoing feud with blood, a massacre of close to 200 black residents' blood pours through the Arkansas Delta fields.

Part Two: Nearly 100 years later, in present day Elaine as these characters are no longer pitted against each other and find themselves on vacation and accidentally stumble upon this town and learn about its ugly history and may just learn the real truth about one another.

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Nominee for the L. Arnold Weissberger Award in 2015

Honorable Mention on The Kilroys List in 2015

Nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize in 2014

Part of The Kilroys List in 2014


May 27-June 26 2016
Pillsbury House Theatre, Minneapolis MN
directed by Marion McClinton


October 2015
The Open Fist Theatre Company, Los Angeles CA
First Look Festival
directed by Scott Paulin

October 2013
The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis MN
directed by Hayley Finn

December 2013
Pillsbury House Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
directed by Hayley Finn


July 2017
Beth El Heritage Hall, Helena AR
directed by Ashley Teague