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Our buffet on your remains will be a natural progression of where we left off with the rest of your brothers.
— Netta from Cul De Sac: A Riff for Tomorrow

Full-Length Absurdist Drama, One Intermission
5M, 2W

In the heart of the San Fernando Valley a colony of ants are about to launch a revolution.

Bee and her oldest son Poe must lead their colony to evacuate from their long-time suburban home when it is being tented to exterminate the likes of them. As they fight to come to terms with this displacement Bee's long-lost son Er returns home and with the aid of his little brother Puddle they hope to make one last stand to prevent their colony's demise.

This play is an allegorical examination of  the art of warfare and its domestic casualties.

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Semi-Finalist for the New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellowship in 2007

Semi-Finalist for PlayLabs in 2007


July 2007
National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, Washington DC
directed by Callie Kimball

April 2006
The Illusion Theater, Minneapolis MN
directed by Michael Robbins