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Nothing outside these doors is written in English anymore. Need a passport just to cross the street.
— Joe from 626 Broadway

Full-Length Gritty Drama, One Intermission
5M, 1W

During two long days in Fat Louie's run-down South Central bookie joint three generations of five third-rate bookies with faded ambitions and minimal morals compete for top dog.

17-year-old Dionne is desperately trying to fit into the male-dominated world at Fat Louie's: struggling to take a bet, learning the over/under, and beating up vigs are all in a day's work. But, Silas decides to take the floundering drifter under his wing by exactingly teaching her the ropes. When Dionne accidentally screws up a bet and jeopardizes Fat Louie's the group must put aside their differences to try to clean up the mistake or perish.

This fast-paced drama explores the fragile balance of allegiances, the war of the sexes, and the erosion of community with hilarious, powerful, and ultimately tragic insight.

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Third Prize for Theodore Ward Prize for African-American Playwrights in 2001

Finalist for Arena Stage's Allen Lee Hughes Playwriting Fellowship in 1997

South Coast Repertory's Playwrights Competition in 1996

Semi-Finalist for Paramount Pictures' Chesterfield Writer's Film Project in 1995


June 1996
Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles CA
directed by Oz Scott

October 1996
Audrey Skirball-Kenis Theater, Los Angeles CA
directed by L. Kenneth Richardson


August 2002
The Goodman Theater, Chicago IL
directed by Chuck Smith

July 1995
Padua Hills Playwrights Festival, Los Angeles CA