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Who Killed Mollie?

Who Killed Mollie?

Don’t let the Harvard manners and Congressman Kennedy smile fool you. He’ll treat you like a martini: Shake you up, knock you back, and let your remains run down his chin.
— Elsie from Back Bay

Full-Length Psychological Thriller, No Intermission
3M, 3W

While women were greatly represented during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction with writers like Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and Margery Allingham, the true crime genre had been so exclusively male-dominated that female writers did not grace this genre until a little over 30 years ago. This play takes place in 1950 and is an homage to this genre and explores a heroine who is way ahead of her time.

In the grips of the Cold War the violent unsolved murder of a young African-American woman in Boston’s affluent Back Bay neighborhood has the community on edge. When, a fresh-off-the-farm Violet comes to stay in the illustrious mansion that belongs to her older brother Lowell and his socialite wife she meets their best friend Alton who enlists her help to collaborate on a true crime novel that investigates the unsolved homicide. As Violet closes in on the killer, by following the trail of lies, the truth that she uncovers may destroy the lives of those around her. This psychological thriller is a riveting and revealing portrait of how the other half lives.

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Commissioned by The Guthrie Theater/University of Minnesota B.F.A. Actor Training Program in 2014



November 2014
University of Minnesota Kilburn Arena, Minneapolis, MN
directed by Hayley Finn