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Even with the infrared I was very aware that I was alone.
— Millie from A Wives' Tale

Full-Length Steampunk Drama, One Intermission
8W, 1M

A futuristic drama about a group of barren women conspiring to create the perfect society in post-nuclear South Carolina.

It's the year 2050 on Seabrook Island, SC where almost all of its residents have been wiped out by nuclear war except for a small group of women who managed to survive—albeit now barren. As they try to rebuild their community from their fallout shelters their cloistered world is suddenly invaded by a male drifter who doesn't  just awaken their passions but pushes them to a point of no return.

A Wives' Tale examines the struggles of maintaining traditional southern values in a post-nuclear world and how patriarchal values still permeate a matriarchal system.

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Finalist for the Jerome Fellowship at the Playwrights' Center in 2007

Winner of the Marianne Murphy Women & Philanthropy Award in Playwriting in 2005


July 2006
Summer Play Festival at Theatre Row, New York NY
directed by Rosemary Andress



April 2018
Theatre Unbound, St. Paul MN
directed by Kate Powers